Pastor Sam Yun

Also known as P. Sam, he is the planting pastor for EMBRACECHURCH. His duties include preaching, vision casting, raising up leaders, counseling and setting the primary spiritual heartbeat of the community. P. Sam is father of two, lover of all sports with a net, follower of Jesus, and immensely broken but constantly healed and strengthened by the love and grace of God. When not engaged in his all-time favorite activity (preaching!), he loves to spend extended times with his two amazing sons watching marathon episodes of The Office or engaging in a little Yun family jam session.

Some of the people who helped shape his heart and faith: his parents, of course (thanks mom and dad!), countless pastors and preachers, his former supervisor and amazing friend (Paul Cogger), his spiritual director (Rev. Zelda Kennedy), and the many, many people that he had the blessing of pastoring and being in ministry with. P. Sam says, “I am where I am, doing what I am doing, with exceeding and abundant joy because of the people who God used to help shape my life and my faith. Through them, I have experienced the real and abundant love and grace of Jesus!”

His most important theological thought/faith conviction is simply this: “if God can love the likes of me, God can love anyone”. He is always open to talk about this with anyone who’s interested.