God works through our actions, and so we follow God’s leadership.

The Team

Primary vision caster, shepherd and teacher for the whole community. Responsibilities also include leadership development, pastoral care and community engagement.

Oversees the administrative processes of the team, convenes/facilitates mtgs, creates vision and priorities.

Represents laypeople in the congregation and works with pastor to assess state of the church.

Responsible for staffing priorities and serves as liaison between pastor and congregations.

Development and design of Sunday worship and special services, oversees praise team.

Planning and administering the spiritual growth opportunities in the church.

Oversees the welcoming and integration of individuals towards a committed life in the church.

Responsible for planning and staffing ministries for the next generation – children & youth.

Identifies needs in the local community and helps the church get connected for impact opportunities.

Identifies needs in the global community and helps the church get connected to missions opportunities.

Oversees the financial and budgeting process of the church, aligns finances with priorities.

Directs the communication strategy and processes of the church to get vital info out.

Coordinates and oversees special events, projects and opportunities for ministry development

*If you are interested in serving in one or more areas of our ministry, please contact P. Sam at embracepastor@gmail.com