Hello EMBRACE community!
Hope you are all doing well.  As mentioned in this past Sunday’s worship service, we are inviting you to a community-wide Lenten journey that begins tomorrow on Ash Wednesday. Lent is the 40 day intentional observance in preparation for the celebration of Easter. Many will give up something in order to observe Lent. And more importantly, many will take up something (a spiritual discipline) during this season to grow closer to Jesus.
During these 40 days that starts tomorrow and culminates on Easter Sunday, I will be sharing daily reflections and questions based on a 40 day reading plan of Luke and Acts. Follow along with us. Observe a holy Lent. Give up chocolate and red meat if that’s your thing. But join us in reading the story of Jesus and the narrative of the early church. This will be a great way to celebrate the One who laid down His life and rose again, giving us hope that the best is yet to come…

Download the reading plan here:

See you tomorrow on Facebook. Lent Day 1. Luke Chapter 1. #embraceLent


Peace and love,


PS Also, be sure to join us for worship during the Sundays in Lent. I am starting a new sermon series this week entitled, “UNBOUND.” Come and hear about what true freedom in Christ looks like.

UNBOUND Series Image