A new journey (Part 4): Shipwrecks included

Aug 27, 2023    Jaekuk Jo

We revisit Paul’s journey. This time we find Paul coming to the end of a journey. He is being extradited to Rome for trial. On his way to Rome, Paul and company get shipwrecked on the island of Malta. It is clear that if this was up to Paul, no one would have ended up in a shipwreck. But such is life and after ignoring Paul’s warnings the crew is caught up by a fierce storm. As everyone struggles to survive, Paul is the only one who knows the outcome, not because he has seen the future but because he trusts in God’s intentions. While everyone else is in despair, Paul speaks up to assure them that all their lives will be preserved, but that they will be shipwrecked. This is often true of our faith journeys. Not everything that we have, want, or rely on, will make it to the end. It is important to trust in God’s wisdom through those moments of uncertainty. It is important to know that even if the “ship” I am on gets wrecked, we will make it to where God is leading.