A new journey (Part 3): Not until I have a double portion

Jul 23, 2023    Jaekuk Jo

Elijah is arguably one of the greatest prophets in the Jewish tradition. His place was such that he, along with Moses (the single greatest pillar in Jewish tradition), appeared at the transfiguration of Jesus in Matthew 17. But it is Elisha (Elijah’s protege) who has far more recorded miracles and achievements. It is true that not everything is about quantity or accomplishment, but Old Testament writers are clearly giving great weight to Elisha’s work and life. In this sermon, we find Elisha at a critical transition point. Elijah is about to leave the world and he will be left to carry on the work and find his own path. This can be overwhelming, as are many transitions in our lives. Elisha’s way of embracing this new path is asking for a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. However we want to interpret that request, it is clear that Elisha recognized this “spirit” as the enabling power behind Elijah’s work and life. So he reckoned that having a double portion of it would be sufficient for him to carry on the work. We too must discern “that” which enables us in life. In seasons of change and transition, we must cling to such gifts from God and thrive in the call we have received.